First Wings

I have good news happy people! I recently received a part-time job position with HBO! Did you all just hear that? Yes, you all did it. That is if you're still with me. I will be HBO's Event Campus Agent at LSU. For all my tigers, you all get to receive swag! I do believe free swag has to be the best things ever! Well, I take that back. Petit fours are definitely the best things ever.

Though my flight is set to depart before the birds wake up, I am still packing. Did I mention that this will be my first flight...ever? I hear I get a set of wings or something like that!

The Lord is to thank for this awesome opportunity. Dreams are coming true my friends! I hope you all had a wonderful day and I will write soon.

P.S. My Vday roses are still surviving, which is quite the accomplishment for me! Goodnight.

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