Nothing is Worth it if You Aren't Happy

My 1st Waffle Wednesday experience.
It's hard to believe that it has come to an end.

What started as a way for me to add experience to my background while also receiving credit turned out being an opened door for understanding how to handle the big girl world. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to work with such a fabulous and passionate group of people.

They've taught me more than they'll know. I feel more confident that I chose the right field. I will come back to visit my new family as often as I can. They now hold a place in my heart. They're the best!

Now I know it's been weeks since I've stayed in touch happy people, so excuse me. It's just been he workload. Being a big girl is REAL. And as much as I would prefer to find where my mother has hidden her youth remote (she still has impeccable skin), time waits for no one.

I will soon be back into the swing of blogging and the sense of happiness that comes along with sharing. Stay happy people!

Make You Happy - MIKA