Hum(p) Day

This morning I woke up humming a tune that my teacher played in class - Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James & The Shondells. This was such a psychedelic rock hit back in the day. It made me so happy to be in class to hear this groovy beat. So naturally, it was stuck in my head the remainder of the day and apparently this morning as well. But I don't mind!

My morning skies.
Here is the tune to get you through the week! I hope everyone has a beautiful day. Be happy!


Good Habits

I find new ways to please my happy self everyday I think! For example, today I read an article on habits that happy people have. It was all to relevant to my life. I think you all should try it too. You will see a difference in your lifestyles.

Just the other day I was able to feed two new neighbors.  They surprised me at 7am one morning and stayed the entire day till I got back home! The best part is that I realized this would easily be my instant boost of happiness for the day. I was in such a great mood the entire day.
The geese were hungry!
It's things like this, simple pleasures, that make life worth while!