Star Struck

Today was full of surprises. After yesterday of being struck by sickness and doomed to my bed all day I was super excited to be back to my normal self today. I got in the office to discover lunch was going to be on the office! We had Slice, which I suggest every pizza lover to go to when in town!

Then shortly afterward I attended my first board meeting. It was held at one of Chef & Author, John Besh's Restaurants, Restaurant August. The inside was gorgeous. The combination of brick walls, hardwood floors, and floor to ceiling windows makes me weak. Oh and there was 'menued' wallpaper which I thought was pretty neat! And what's a board meeting without a few finger foods? We had a few of Besh's delectables like this Louisiana Blueberry "Pavlova"! 

via GoNola


Wallpaper made of menus.

Cheese Selections
But before the meeting kicked off there was buzz in the room that Rachel Bilson was downstairs hanging out near the restaurant. I about had a heart attack and had to run out to make certain I heard correctly. Sure enough, she was there!

She was so sweet when I sketchingly walked up to her (how else are you supposed to approach a celeb). I was sweating in seconds when I heard her voice! She was honestly so nice and agreed to take a pic with me! My day had been made. 

I still can't believe it! 


Planning Ahead

Productivity makes me feel good. I usually open my eyes and plan my day from thoughts and ideas I dreamt about or how I feel when I arise. I normally write everything down, depending on how long the list is. And once things begin to be checked off my list, I feel happier and happier. 

Lists are my everything. I don't know what I'd do without at least one list a day. It's probably because my memory is that of Dory's. I actually have alarms that set off throughout the day for tasks and post-it reminders over my light switches. 

I'm going to go ahead and say this is normal. I wouldn't be able to function without my system. I'd say it's a good system.

Do you all have a particular way of planning/remembering tasks?


Scattered Money

Struggling to locate the ATM at the bank
I find myself in and out of banks more often than I am in and out of the fridge. Okay, that's an exaggeration. But I do feel that way sometimes. Today I went to three different banks simply because my parents have a family account with one bank and a business account with another. I also have two different accounts in two different banks. I'm pretty sure this isn't normal, but it's the way I've been operating ever since I left home two years ago for school.

It will most likely stay this way until I collide my two accounts and unfortunately when the time comes for my parents to cut me off.  (**and the tears begin to roll) I'm trying to prepare myself but let's face it - what college student can save enough money by graduation to support themselves from the time they cross that stage to the time they see that first big-girl paycheck? Ooh pick me! "No one!" And props to those students who can achieve this. Teach me your ways.

I'm serious. I need deets, students! If you have ideas and tricks to saving your money wisely, leave comments! I must be on the same page as you guys.


Thank you Etta


I have time to breathe and take life in. But really you guys, I have been back and forth from school and coffee houses for the past few weeks. And finally the only thing I'll be going back and forth from is a courtyard to my new internship upstairs!

I landed an internship with the best people ever, New Orleanians! I love my city and I found the perfect job to dwell in it's awesomeness. I intern at New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp. and the past two days have shown me enough to know that I will love it here.

This also means I'll be in my hometown for the majority of my summer! I cannot wait to hang with old friends and new ones as well.

I will be keeping you posted on my advens' in NOLA! Bring it on, summer!

Did anyone else land an awesome internship for the summer? Give me deets!