Thank you Etta


I have time to breathe and take life in. But really you guys, I have been back and forth from school and coffee houses for the past few weeks. And finally the only thing I'll be going back and forth from is a courtyard to my new internship upstairs!

I landed an internship with the best people ever, New Orleanians! I love my city and I found the perfect job to dwell in it's awesomeness. I intern at New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp. and the past two days have shown me enough to know that I will love it here.

This also means I'll be in my hometown for the majority of my summer! I cannot wait to hang with old friends and new ones as well.

I will be keeping you posted on my advens' in NOLA! Bring it on, summer!

Did anyone else land an awesome internship for the summer? Give me deets!

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