LSU Football Schedule 2015 Printable Poster

Fine time to gather all last minute preparations for this LSU football season. Just as there are certain "staples" (plenty of purple tunics without it getting weird) in a closet, there are also other gameday plans that I consider essentials.
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I've loaded up on a season's worth of Grand's Flaky Layers, all the André and orange juice a fridge can accommodate. One thing was missing from my fall season routine however, and I thought about something not only functional but practical for everyone's gameday must-have list. Behold, a chic football schedule to ponder upon and to help keep track of games. I have mine placed on the fridge and I am looking forward to the season!
You can download the free printable here.
Do you have any gameday routines you are looking forward to?

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Fast forward to today and one would find my heads further in books than it has ever been before. I recently graduated and more recently began grad school soon after. "Soon" in this case would be  four weeks. Nonetheless, I see this time as an opportunity to delve deeper into my passion for public relations but to learn more about myself before the big world. NYC is calling but I think at the right time, my presence will be most valued.


Currently Coveting

Style inspiration crowds the streets of NY and naturally my swoon list has grown expansively since mid-Spring. I've decided to gather a covet list and look forward to sharing this at least once a week. Enjoy!


First Things First

This week has so far consisted on many firsts. But I guess I saw it coming. Being in the city presents several opportunities. Earlier I went on a business run to the New York Public Library, which is absolutely beautiful, to find back issues for a client. One thing led to the next and I found myself using a microfilm scanner. A microfilm scanner, people! Am I the only person who just found out what these are? These machines are a big a human and are as old as the first human to experience the rise of Industrial America. It was quite interesting, nonetheless. 

On a more beautiful first, I spent my Thursday getting a magical makeup sesh at New York's new makeup bar (why wasn't there one before?), Pucker. Pucker's co-founders Julio Sandino and Hiyam McKelvey are the glamorous collaboration of makeup artists and the backbone behind the accessible beauty services. Pucker offers a range of makeup options for whatever the occasion may be! They also give 2% of all their sales to charity: 1% to the Global Fund for Women and 1% to Grace Institute, which provides skills training and job placement to women in New York! This is the best makeup bar there is! To top it off, this was all recorded for the local news station, WABC-TV. The segment shall be featured sometime next week, so stay tuned ;)

Pucker Up


You know it's 2014 when there is a selfie room!

Check out the beauty segment below!


Memorial Day Weekend

It's interesting to know that the streets of New York City are clear, but this is due to the Memorial Day weekend. People leave the city to enjoy a break from their busy schedules, as many other holidays do allow. Whether you are having a backyard BBQ, sunbathing in the park, or headed to The Hamptons for the weekend, here are a few of my favorite warm-weather inspirations to keep you in the commemorating spirit. Time to whip out the white jeans!









Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Making ImPRessions

I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason..good or bad. This posts fortunately, is in light of the good things that (have) happen(ed). Let's just say a bird told another bird and that bird told another bird about me and boom, here I am...in NYC. The people we meet and the relationships we build are vital to making it these days. I don't believe that it is happening but I know that it's happening — 'c'est la vie'. Someone should pinch me for crying out loud!

I begin shortly with a PR firm located in the heart of the city. My first day is pretty soon, and I can hardly contain my excitement. I like that passion is the reason for motivation — or maybe vice versa. No telling where my summer is going to take me, but I am down for the ride.
"Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it's realistic or not." - Deepak Chopra


Spring has Sprung

From old business to new business, many things bloom in the spring time. As new opportunities arise and others end, I am embracing this season with an open mind.

As I say goodbye to an internship that has built upon my social media skills, all I can do is thank the company for being so welcoming and helpful. With the summer around the corner, I am in search of new opportunities and I cannot wait for what's in store. 

I won's settle for anything less than awesome!




Moonlit Mondays

I am always thinking about the future so it's only natural that Paul Arden's "It's Not How God You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be" be my recent purchase.

As I listen to Little Dragon and inhale hints of my Nouvelle's Lavender Lime Candle I can only soak up the current time I am in. This year, I want to feel present and make the most of each moment. So for all those living in the moment and thinking about their beautiful future, have an awesome Monday moonlit night!


H&M Loves NOLA

"Long time no see", said me (all the time). That's quite all right because I'll keep moving things along.

So to update you all, I:

Mother and I were too excited for the new store to open up it's doors and all the surprises that the morning would entail. I ran to get beignets for breakfast for us to enjoy in the line. It's simple things like Cafe Du Monde that make me so happy. We were then visited by plenty H&M reps who were just as excited to see us as we were to see them. There was also a second line full of H&M reps and stylish employees! It was seaux NOLA.

There were plenty raffles and gifts while we eagerly waited to rip through the two story building located in the heart of the French Quarter. We met some awesome New Orlenians and out-of-towners that shared the same love for the brand as we did (obviously). Mother was as happy as I and it was perfect to spend girl time with her. Oh, I love her so!

P.S. This H&M is the only one is the US to have a in-store home department. Who Dat?
"You're almost there." AKA "It's 10:30 peeps."
Doors opened at noon!
Until next time H&M!


Personal Collection

Today, after setting up sweet-ant bait around my bedroom (consequences for my uncontrollable sweet tooth)  I decided to continue my work on my magazine. Although not a published kind of magazine, I have taken the past few months to put together my favorite clippings from magazines I have held onto.

These magazines were unfortunately taking away valuable space on my not so large bookshelf. I've seen personal magazines put together before therefore decided to give it a try. It is quite the lengthy job, but it has paid off. I am able to hold onto those articles and tips that speak to me. Maybe later when I have my own apartment I will organize a space for magazines and readings alike, but for now, I'll take my very own magazine...with a cupcake.


Hum(p) Day

This morning I woke up humming a tune that my teacher played in class - Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James & The Shondells. This was such a psychedelic rock hit back in the day. It made me so happy to be in class to hear this groovy beat. So naturally, it was stuck in my head the remainder of the day and apparently this morning as well. But I don't mind!

My morning skies.
Here is the tune to get you through the week! I hope everyone has a beautiful day. Be happy!