First Things First

This week has so far consisted on many firsts. But I guess I saw it coming. Being in the city presents several opportunities. Earlier I went on a business run to the New York Public Library, which is absolutely beautiful, to find back issues for a client. One thing led to the next and I found myself using a microfilm scanner. A microfilm scanner, people! Am I the only person who just found out what these are? These machines are a big a human and are as old as the first human to experience the rise of Industrial America. It was quite interesting, nonetheless. 

On a more beautiful first, I spent my Thursday getting a magical makeup sesh at New York's new makeup bar (why wasn't there one before?), Pucker. Pucker's co-founders Julio Sandino and Hiyam McKelvey are the glamorous collaboration of makeup artists and the backbone behind the accessible beauty services. Pucker offers a range of makeup options for whatever the occasion may be! They also give 2% of all their sales to charity: 1% to the Global Fund for Women and 1% to Grace Institute, which provides skills training and job placement to women in New York! This is the best makeup bar there is! To top it off, this was all recorded for the local news station, WABC-TV. The segment shall be featured sometime next week, so stay tuned ;)

Pucker Up


You know it's 2014 when there is a selfie room!

Check out the beauty segment below!

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