Scattered Money

Struggling to locate the ATM at the bank
I find myself in and out of banks more often than I am in and out of the fridge. Okay, that's an exaggeration. But I do feel that way sometimes. Today I went to three different banks simply because my parents have a family account with one bank and a business account with another. I also have two different accounts in two different banks. I'm pretty sure this isn't normal, but it's the way I've been operating ever since I left home two years ago for school.

It will most likely stay this way until I collide my two accounts and unfortunately when the time comes for my parents to cut me off.  (**and the tears begin to roll) I'm trying to prepare myself but let's face it - what college student can save enough money by graduation to support themselves from the time they cross that stage to the time they see that first big-girl paycheck? Ooh pick me! "No one!" And props to those students who can achieve this. Teach me your ways.

I'm serious. I need deets, students! If you have ideas and tricks to saving your money wisely, leave comments! I must be on the same page as you guys.

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